Introduction to the what, why and how of the Watchtowers

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What are Witness Chain Diligence Watchtowers?

Diligence watchtowers are the first line of defense for optimistic rollups. They enable incentive compatible and crypto-economically-secure Proof-of-Diligence (PoD) to make sure watchtowers are working in the happy path for optimistic rollups.

Rollup Watchtower Network is Witness Chain’s in-house DePIN. It is a network of watchtowers spread in various geographies that will monitor the state of optimistic rollups

Why Watchtowers?

Optimistic rollups attain their hyper scaling by validating the transactions on another chain and post the transaction data publicly for anyone to view. If faulty transactions are detected, the Ethereum validators can be engaged for arbitration using a fraud proof. Thus, the current premise operates under the assumption that when a fault is detected, validators initiate fraud proofs, engaging in a dispute resolution process. However, the existing incentive system only comes into play after a fault has been identified.

But who will look for these faulty transaction consistently ? How will these players be incentivized to be diligently carrying out this task when nothing is going wrong?

Witness Chain Watchtower protocol is answer to these problems.

It is a programmable, trustfree, and decentralized watchtower service that uses an innovative proof of diligence to incentivize the watchtowers in normal path.

What next ?

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