Monitor your container using Grafana and Prmoetheus

In this article, we will be setting up a dashboard to monitor the watchtower, which are deployed as a container image.


cAdvisor, or Container Advisor, is an open-source tool tailored for monitoring and analyzing the performance of Docker containers and other containerization platforms. It operates as a live daemon, collecting and exporting information about running containers.


Prometheus is a free and open-source tool that monitors your software systems, collecting essential data about applications and services. It provides alerts for prompt issue detection and resolution.


Data visualization tool that helps you to turn complex data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs. It connects to various data sources, like databases or monitoring systems, and allows you to create interactive dashboards.


For the monitoring dashboard to function as expected, make sure you have the following setup

  • Docker

  • Docker compose plugin

  • Watchtower running as a container (any release)

Getting Started:

First, create a workspace to organise the configuration

mkdir container_monitoring 
cd container_monitoring

Now, download the configutation files, we have this hosted on github.


Unarchive the files downloaded,

tar -xvf monitoring_files.tar

Finally starting up the dashboard, this is done with

docker compose up -d

Note: you can pass the option -d as exemplified in above command, to run in detached mode

The dashboard can be accessed at your url http://localhost:3000

username: admin 
password: admin

And to stop the dashboard, in the same directory

docker compose down

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