Prover Installation

This page has all the information you need to get your Prover environment set up in Dart

All the steps remain the same till Step 4 of Challenger setup

The use of keypairs on the prover client are purely for login purposes. We plan to introduce signing of protocol messages in the future

Step 5 : Update Configuration

From the root directory of the clone repo (proof-of-x), run

cd Proof-of-Backhaul

Update config/pob/prover.json with bandwidth_claimed_mbps and walletPublicKey of both solana and ethereum

Step 6 : Run Prover

Start prover by running (from Proof-of-Backhaul folder)

./run-pob-prover (for testing) 
./run-pob-prover-in-tmux (recommended in productin)
Step 7: Get registered

Send an email to or drop a note on our discord channel #pob-testnet-support to get yourself registered using publickey if registration is not done.

Post confirmation, you will be able to perform Step 7

You are all set with a PoB Prover client.

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