The DePIN coordination layer (DCL) is a unification layer that translates unverified physical attributes of DePIN (De-centralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) networks into measured, verifiable digital proofs. These proofs can later be attested/challenged and consumed by different apps or DePIN chains themselves to build new products and services.

Integrating with DCL enables a DePIN chain to leverage ...

  • Creation of New Services'/Bundled Offerings: Sharing state information can enable the development of new services and products on top of the DePIN assets. DePIN projects can achieve better discoverability, bootstrap their economy and get access to a wide range of financial instruments.

  • Improved Resource Utilization: Sharing state information allows apps to have a real-time view of the resources available across the network. This visibility enables optimal allocation of tasks based on resource availability, reducing wastage and improving the efficiency of resource utilization for the DePIN assets.

  • Innovation and Service Improvement: Access to comprehensive state information enables providers to identify trends and patterns, which can drive innovation. App builders can develop new services or improve existing ones based on the insights gained from the shared data

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